Charter Oak Financial Group, Inc

With over 50 years of proven experience in the financial service industry, Charter Oak Financial Group, Inc. works with successful business owners and professionals designing solutions to help you protect your business, your retirement assets, and your legacy. Our mission is to design and implement tax advantaged benefit plans that are sound, affordable and effective. Our practice works with our clients in providing for their business insurance, Estate liquidity and retirement planning needs.

Mike Prairie (Founder and President)

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Retirement Plans

An integral part of providing supplemental retirement benefits to executives is determining the appropriate funding to achieve the planned benefit.  While funding is not required for non-qualified retirement benefits, most...


Buy/Sell Funding

Planning for the loss of a business owner or partner is crucial to ensuring the continuity of your business and protecting the financial security of your family and the families of each partner or co-owner. To protect your business...


Estate Planning

A well-executed estate plan, first and foremost, ensures that you have provided for the well-being of your loved ones. It may also reduce taxes and probate costs, so that more of the fruit of your life's labor goes where you want it to go....